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GEAR, (Growth Empowerment Advancement Recognition), is an innovative program that enhances the personal attitudes, social behavior and work-related skills of consumers as they enter a job, classroom, or volunteer opportunity. The program is open to all of AIRS and CITY STEPS residents who are seeking personal development with the goal of becoming active members of the community and agents of their own destinies.

The GEAR program model includes:

Job Readiness Training
An intensive coursework that focuses on attitudinal training, workplace etiquette, proper attire and behavior, and developing and maintaining positive workplace behaviors and habits.

Career Case Management
Personal coaching that provides referrals to key social service and community-based partners, and opportunities to secure needed educational credentials and job skills training.

Job Retention and Advancement
Strategies for attaining higher wage employment, employment with benefits, or career tack employment.

Educational Exploration
Exploration of educational opportunities based on individual areas of interest, applications of interests to the workplace, and employment and career opportunities within the fields of interest.
Our Motto

If you see it, you can believe it. If you can believe it, you can achieve it!

Referrals are made through the AIRS Case Manager, in consultation with the resident. However, residents can, and are encouraged to, self-refer. After a period of exploration and assessment, a Consumer Action Plan is developed that sets mutually agreed-upon goals and action steps to education and employment.

Consumer Advisory Board
GEAR provides the staff support for the Consumer Advisory Board. CABs purpose is to provide consumers perspectives to ensure that policies, direct services, data management, and fiscal systems are continually assessed and improved. CAB represents the community in making sure activities are carried out in a way that best meets consumers needs. Most importantly, CAB is the means by which providers, consumers, and the community communicate with each other. CAB members can serve as a link between the providers and the community, giving the community information about services and bringing community concerns and ideas back to the provider.

GEAR Management
Irisha Burrell
Workforce Development Coordinator